This project is perfect for using up all those gorgeous Liberty scraps you’ve collected!

You will need…

+ fabric scraps
+ thread
+ sewing machine
+ scissors

Before you begin…

Gather your scraps and sort them into colours that feel right together. One of the things we love about Liberty is that all their designs work together, we just separate those with cream backgrounds from those with white backgrounds.

liberty scrappy boho patchwork a

Step 1

Start matching pieces of similar length (a) and stitch them together, ironing as you go.
note: Matching pieces of equal length or width will ensure minimal fabric waste.

Liberty Scrappy Boho Patchwork b

Step 2

Add new pieces (b), then combine to build blocks of similar size (c). Repeat until you have enough blocks to create the quilt size you have in mind.

note: Don’t worry about misaligned seams – this is exactly what you are trying to achieve in scrappy boho patchwork.

Liberty Scrappy Boho Patchwork c

Step 3

Lay your blocks out and arrange to create a pleasing overall design. Stitch blocks together.
tip: take a photo to remind yourself of the overall design before you start stitching – that way it won’t matter if they get mixed up.

Liberty Scrappy Boho Patchwork

To finish

Quilt and bind your project.

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project and photography by Tanya Collier

A pretty way to carry your favourite Liberty fabric with you everywhere, and the perfect project for your Liberty off cuts.


you will need

+ mini hoop necklace kit – available from dandelyne

+ Liberty Tana Lawn in Betsy P – find it here

+ embroidery thread to match

+ embroidery needle

+ scissors

+ glue & brush


step 1

Move the hoop over the fabric to help choose which section you would like to feature in your necklace


step 2

Embellish using embroidery thread. We’ve chosen the red flower as a focal point and used a simple satin stitch. Keep the thread at the back as minimal and tidy as possible.


step 3

Place the hoop over your miniature artwork and use a pencil to trace around the outside of the hoop.


step 4

Cut approx. 1cm around the pencil line.


step 5

Flip the fabric over so that the wrong side is facing upward and place the small disc in the centre of the fabric


step 6

Snip into the fabric around the circle and use glue to secure the fabric to the disc. Check the front as you go to ensure it is smooth.



step 7

Turn the disc right side up and place the hoop over your creation. Tighten the bolt at the top of the hoop to secure the disc.



step 8

Turn the hoop over and use glue to attach the larger wooden disc to finish


Allow to dry and your new necklace is ready to wear!